Friday 2 October 2015

Kevin Morais Case: A relection on ourselves

I have been reading and following the murder case of Kevin Morais. As I followed it, I find myself digressing and contemplating our place in the entire scheme. No, it is not political in nature neither is it disrespectful. It is just a reflection on our humanity and the frailty of our system. I found two aspects that were disconcerting.

The first aspect is the role of the Police. The current murder is a clear indication of the existence of daring and ruthless criminal world and, whether we like it or not, sends a dark message to the other public prosecutors. Public prosecutors, especially those in the Attorney General's chambers, are responsible to prosecute the accused without fear or favor. Faced with a difficult or maybe a prominent case, would any prosecutor feel safe before, during and after the trials?

The police, for bad or for worse, are responsible to ensure that these civil servants who carry out their duties receive the protection that they deserve. Each public prosecutor must feel safe as they carry out their duties and the police must be ensure that upright and outstanding protection is provided to them. Maybe then, we will see prosecutions without fear or favor.

Relating to the current case, the Police are not only responsible to bring the criminals to justice, but they need to ensure that action is taken swiftly and justice is dispensed without favor. The Police needs to send a crystal clear message that any threat or danger towards Public Prosecutors will not be tolerated. I believe that every Malaysian should call on the Police to ensure that sufficient protection is provided to our public prosecutors.

The other aspect (and possibly the more disturbing) is the real danger and hazard that our public prosecutors face and our total apathy towards it. Kevin Morais died in the execution of his duties. There were no uproar, no sadness, no anger - just emotionless facts of the case. What have we become? Are politics the only thing that matter in our society? We screamed and shouted about 1MDB, MARA scandals and so on. A Public Prosecutor is murdered and all we hear is deafening silence.

We need to do more than that. We need to be more than that. We need to pressure the government to provide safety and security for the civil servants. Every NGO in this country should rise and voice their concern towards the protection for the prosecutors as well as the rising crime rate. Pressure must rise from the grassroots till the government implements policies to rid the country of crime.

Let Kevin Morais' sacrifice be the catalyst to eradicate crime. Let his sacrifice be the beginning of the end of crime in Malaysia. Tougher Laws, Swift Punishment, Justice Done and seen to be Done.

Mohd Prasad bin Hanif
Yang Di Pertua PAS Kawasan Klang

Dihantar oleh: Mohd Prasad bin Hanif, Ketua Penerangan

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